I have had numerous friends tell me, in the light of my own career hustle, that they are not ambitious. ‘I just want to be married and have a family life,’ a few have told me. ‘I don’t have any specific ambition. I just want to work in a big company and make lots of money,’ a few others have said. The irony of the second one and the current day disregard for the first, and the fact that my ‘ambition’ looks a whole lot different makes me wonder what ambition does and should really mean. Continue reading …ambitious

…an employee

I promise you this blog won’t be all about the toils of a woman. In fact, I think what I am about to share will hit home for men as well.

It is the greatest debacle a working person can face after trying to seem useful and relevant enough to continue getting paid. Unless you’re an air hostess, waitress, policeman or bus driver, you won’t be given five of the same outfits to just slip into every day. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a uniform, you probably spend at least 30 minutes a day choosing and changing your outfit, requiring you to get out of bed that much earlier every day. Continue reading …an employee