…a struggling author

I MUST do something. Something really crucial. Something scary, nerve-racking, embarrassing and ambitious all at the same time. It is not exactly life or death. But it is painstakingly close.

As a result of giving up a career as a doctor, which I was geared towards up until the age of 20. As result of a then failed attempt to be a lawyer to escape my calling. As a result of finally coming to terms with the fact that I didn’t just WANT to be a writer, I believed that I HAD to be. Yes, I said calling. I feel ‘called’ to be a writer.


Broke. Absolutely broke.
Broke. Absolutely broke.

…between September 25th 2013 when my pittance publishing salary runs out and the check they give me for this month’s pay goes through (five days after submitting to the bank) I AM…


Yes. I said it was close to life or death. Very close. Because if I don’t do something about it I won’t be able to travel to work next week or eat or move (since I wouldn’t be able to eat).

So, here is my challenge…

I have to sell 15 copies of my book Life, Heavy Sigh in two days in order to get me through the next week. 

FIFTEEN copies of my book from here HAVE to be bought in order to keep this writer from fainting. In order to support a writer who has already started her second book but feels a little disheartened and frightened by the high chances of future poverty and endless struggle.

So if you have had any inkling or impulse to buy it but have long ignored it or have not had the time to do so please go here now and purchase it. I can name at least 30 people who have said they wanted it but haven’t made the move. I won’t name them…

I’ll just give you ten reasons why they, you and at least 13 other people should buy my book within the next two days:

(1) All 25 signed copies sold out at my book launch in Trinidad after I read three excerpts from it. That’s right, I didn’t just sell it with fancy persuasive language, I read the wonderful words inside it, and 25 people knew they had to have it as a result.

(2) Thirty five (35) copies of my novel were bought by NALIS, the NATIONAL LIBRARY of Trinidad and Tobago (the equivalent of the British Library) and it will be available there, in the local authors section. (But please get your own copy.)

(3) One of the best English Literature teachers in Trinidad, Ingrid Henriques, read it and said, ‘You definitely have a talent for writing. I like how you merged the two stories with the mysterious almost magical element of the book that was bought. You write with passion and I got interested in the characters and really wanted to know what would happen to them. The poetry is also very good and you brought it in very effectively’

(4) As alluded to in the above, the book contains not only one great story, but TWO… it is a book within a book, two parallel

I'm a sinking whale, in need of 15 birdies to keep me going.
I’m a sinking whale, in need of 15 birdies to keep me going.

love stories, two parallel and compelling life stories set in London, Italy and Trinidad.

(5) For those who like the shorter lines that rhyme it also, as made known above, contains poetry — one gorgeous poem per chapter — which will not only blow your mind but ties in so well with the story that you won’t even notice the seams.

(6) It has been rated 5/5 on all Amazon reviews, with readers saying things like — ‘A unique blend of humility, humour and eloquence’ — ‘The writer managed to grab my emotions, had me so happy and even had me CRYING’ — ‘From the moment I picked it up, I fell in love with it’. NOTE WELL: Please do not buy my book from Amazon as they absolutely rob me of my profit. Please buy it here.

(7) It has been bought, read and loved buy 50% males and 50% females! Yes guys and girls, it is not one bit of a chick-lit book, it is a fully-fledged novel, a thoughtful, moving collection of sentences. A story worth reading.

(8) It has been bought by people in over 20 countries including UK, Germany, France, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Canada, USA (in about 10 states) and Trinidad.

(9) This special book is written, designed, edited, marketed, printed, distributed and publicised by the author. I have taken on all of these things in order to get this story out there, in order to learn the ropes of publishing. It is a hard task. But I ask for no pity or pats because I have enjoyed ever second of it.

(10) This book, Life, Heavy Sigh, is one of my proudest possessions. I wrote it in two months while unemployed and living in a council estate in a very shady part of London. I wrote 2,000 words a day and prayed just as much. The main character, Jean, is now one of my best friends as a result of spending so much time with her. Her story is REALLY worth reading. This book is the beginning of a journey. It has done so much for me already you couldn’t imagine and it will continue to do so…

Especially today, as 15 people pick up their bank cards, go here, and buy my book.

Especially today as I have admitted to having no money at all, which exposes me to much criticism.

Especially today as I have been given the opportunity to believe in myself and believe that a story which I made up two years ago while I had little to hold on to is going to change my life.

I say no more. I just invite you to buy my book here.


(One more thing: PLEASE DON”T BUY IT ON AMAZON) 

5 thoughts on “…a struggling author

  1. Chemnitz, formerly Karl-Marx-Stadt in the DDR (a.k.a. East Germany). The order seemed to work OK to be sent to me here, so we’ll see what happens! Quite impressive since the debit card I used is registered to a UK address, but I’m still a bit confused as to whether I could have chosen to be billed in £ rather than € … maybe if I’d used the UK rather than the German store?

  2. Hey Bianca, I should be able to place an order for your book in the next day or so … can’t do it just at the moment because I don’t have my card to hand but just about to get Internet connected to my apartment so will do it then … hope that’s soon enough! I’m in Germany by the way – so may have it sent to my daughter in Bournemouth. Keep your spirits up – all the best, Mark

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