Having real courage.

…risk loving

If you are not happy with your job or the career path that you have taken, explore things on the side to find out what you love, speak to God about it, pay attention to how much joy you have when you are doing things and what gives you the greatest sense of peace and fulfilment. Find what you love to do. It might be volunteering, or meeting people, or painting, or dancing, or travelling, or owning a business, or selling chocolate, or running marathons. It doesn’t always mean you need to quit your job, you just need to reshuffle your priorities and put more energy and time into the things you really enjoy. It might also mean changing jobs and doing some training or going back to school. Whatever it is, just do it and start by having 20 seconds of embarrassing courage. Continue reading …risk loving

…hungry all the time

That year, 2007, was the last time I was ever slim. I went onto university to play varsity, division one football (soccer) and gained 30 pounds in one term (freshman 15 for two people). I came back to a friend asking if ‘every time I opened my book to study did food come out’. And men no longer looked at me as a model but as ‘powerful’. They started asking me not to kick them because I ‘might kill them’. Not only did I give up my chance to be an international model in 2007, but I would never have that chance again because, quite frankly, I enjoy food way too much. Continue reading …hungry all the time