It is just wonderful that in between the blogs advocating sexual immorality and the countless praises for the nudity and free-spiritedness of Miley Cyrus, and the endless arguments over which side of the government is more right or wrong, there are these little gems of content, content that shares the one thing that matters — the message of who God is. Continue reading …pro-God

a grateful daughter

Years ago a device was inserted into his chest because his heart was giving trouble. Having him rushed to the hospital on numerous occasions was a great fright for us and, more recently, having him tied up by armed robbers in at home the week before Christmas but left unharmed has made us realise how devastating it would be to lose a man like none other. Continue reading a grateful daughter

… ‘liked’ on Facebook

And what do we do with all that pent up jealousy? We dig in our own shallow pockets of amazingness and pull out something to ‘share’. And all the hyperboles to go along with it. We might even repeat something we shared before like: ‘my wife is the most gorgeous woman in the world’ (this sort of post being ok as it holds the pretense of complimenting someone else when actually it feeds our own egos). Continue reading … ‘liked’ on Facebook