Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read, comment on and share my posts and thank you to all of my followers. The numbers are humble but significant, as was Jesus ;) To mark the fourth month of blogging and the end of 2013, I have compiled below a recap of all of my posts. It is a sort of summary of the goings on in the mind of Bianca (me). Here goes… Continue reading …Bianca


After sucking at any diet that involved deprivation and sticking to strict rules, which usually led to me binging after a week, I have come up with a diet of the mind — because at the end of the day it is ‘mind over matter’ and self control, although it has a bad name and is usually paired with ‘oppression’, is one helluva important trait to have if you want to be good at life — at all. Continue reading gorgeous

part of a family

This blog was written from the heart, to recognise the importance of a healthy and wholesome family life where the parents are involved in their children’s lives and where the children are not just siblings but friends. It is to encourage people to strive to keep their families together, to put love for the other over love for themselves. Because with family love is never scarce. Continue reading part of a family


I have had an existential crisis that was rather significant. You could probably tell from my blogging. I wonder: how does God desire us to live our lives? How do we know we are living the lives we are meant to? Am I where I am today because of my effort or because of my lack of effort? Will I ever be able to be in love and allow myself to be happy and relaxed? Will I ever be less – weird? Continue reading …insightful