ON BEING is the 5th blog I’ve started. But it is the first blog that has taken off significantly. This fact, along with the endless things I suddenly have to write about (I have a waiting list with about six ready items), is why I want to keep it going for as long as possible.

Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read, comment on and share my posts and thank you to all of my followers. The numbers are humble but significant, as was Jesus ;) To mark the fourth month of blogging and the end of 2013, I have compiled below a recap of all of my posts. It is a sort of summary of the goings on in the mind of Bianca (me). Here goes…

Love Miranda -- she's tall, big, unwieldy and awesome
Love Miranda — she’s tall, big, unwieldy and awesome

After reading Miranda Hart’s Biography of a Clumsy Woman I was inspired to write about how difficult I find being a woman.

Giving up on that, I pondered the meaning of ambition and suggested that it was a subjective thing and that all people who earnestly desire to live in a particular way are ambitious. Even if that way is the way of the couch potato.

I then expounded on my one regret — never pursuing the modelling career that was offered to me once and only once, as I later on gained weight that I just couldn’t lose. Funny I guess, but thinking about it now, maybe I never earnestly desired it, or I wouldn’t have let it slip away so easily.

Moving on from regret, I challenged you to be bold. If you want something and it manifests itself in regret, jealousy or irritability, just do it and start by having 20 seconds of embarrassing courage.

Boldness comes quite easily to me in every aspect of my life except — you know it — love. Or perhaps you could look at it differently and call my propensity to ‘run’ from relationships and commitment bold indeed, because maybe I know what I want and until I get it I prefer the freedom of singleness. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

I was most certainly bold when it took me 20 seconds to decide to publish my post about being broke. I was LITERALLY vomiting with embarrassment at having done that. But my plea got responses and this post still has the most views!

And then, as a result of such embarrassment, I posted this :/

They still want world peace -- sigh
They still want world peace — sigh

Thankfully, although I am naturally quite impulsive as displayed in the previous two posts, I also consider myself to be educated and find that the reason I am so interested in the Miss Universe Pageant is that I yearn to see it change to represent the progress of women.

Un-thankfully, not many of you were interested in my next post about the infiltration of bad-food advertising into my buying habits. Shame, I thought it a well good read!

OH, but you did LOVE my 25 things I learnt in 25 years of living :) It was a pleasure to share. Made me really think about my entire past.

And then I thought about my future, and that I think the best marriages MUST be the ones between two best friends

Consider though, when you are choosing your mate, if your choice of best friends just doesn’t suit your taste you may want to stay away from men like Ghandi, Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr or Obama. Just saying.

But if you are looking for a partner who is passionate, loves to party, can dance and who’s only downfall is his uncontrollable love of women, do visit my home country Trinidad and Tobago.

At this point I am exhausted, thinking maybe I should split this post up into two since I’ve posted over 20 blogs but then I’d be giving up and giving up is no way to get liked on Facebook.

And if I gave up I wouldn’t be the grateful daughter that I said I was (my dad has the most comments on my blog — thanks pops).

Thanking my pops led me seamlessly into a post about my Heavenly Pops, God. I explored what I learnt about God from movies.

Moaning Mrtyle, know her?
Moaning Mrtyle, know her?

Unfortunately I lost the plot (pun intended) after that post and let the negative emotion of jealousy get the best of me as I moaned about all my friends who had the gall to start businesses but then redeemed myself by mentioning their achievements.

And then pondered on the sorrow that I felt as a result of not being embarrassingly courageous more often and getting off my butt and trying to change the world. But no, seriously, I believe my sorrow is my insight.

Then, having recovered from the depths of introspection after making a video of my family on holiday, I decided to pay tribute to them and all functional, committed, close-knit families and uber-caring parents. It was Christmas day after all!

And to end it all off in 2013, completely randomly at that — or maybe not as getting closer to being my best is one of my resolutions, I shared with the world (because by this point the world was reading my blog) my very own diet: the KIND diet.

Oh, well, technically this was the last post.

Bear hug!!!! (ignore the tuna)
Bear hug!!!! (ignore the tuna)

If you have gotten this far THANK YOU.
If you were with me from the beginning THANK YOU.
If you just joined, well, come on GET COZY.

I often like to say ‘Life isn’t lived to its fullest until…’

This time I complete the sentence with this…

Life isn’t lived to its fullest until you have people to share it with. 

THANK YOU for letting me share my thoughts with you.

Have a spectacular last day of 2013 and see you on the other side.

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