We don’t only compromise in order to survive — no this would be a complete shame if our lives came to this — but we compromise because we are called, not to hide away, but to stand amongst the things that are against us, and to be a light in the darkness. It is only in doing so that we can become stronger in our beliefs and more able to change things and believe we can. Continue reading salty

a single race

I am most baffled by the continued existence of prejudice. But as a person of many races, I have been on both sides of the skin-coloured coin. And as a result have a conviction to love. To love all people yes, but black people especially. Because there has been a deficiency of love for them, our brothers and sisters. So here it is. Here is my ode to the negro race. Continue reading a single race

a parsnip

Many a time you will be reminded that you are bigger than average, your thighs are ‘powerful’, your butt is huge. Your extra bit of fat will be pinched, either by tactless fingers or the poorly-made jeans that never cater for your shape. You will be teased or scorned or never even given a chance or glance by the ‘fit’ guys or girls, by the ones who eat only triangular parsnips. Continue reading a parsnip