insecure in love

A wise person once said, ‘We accept the love we think we deserve’. But as wretched and incapable human beings, we deserve little love. As humans that hurt, lie, steal and abuse, we deserve little love. But somehow, people keep coming into our lives and telling us how much they love us. And every time we are just forced to ask: ‘But why? Why do you love me?’ Continue reading insecure in love


Today many people around the world are celebrating the feelings of love — the butterflies, the gifts, the romance, the pleasures of kisses, hand-holding and sex, the happiness that comes from being needed and taken care of. On this day I am celebrating what true love is. In order to do that I have dug really deep into my experiences. I believe I am getting closer… Continue reading loved

a tomboy

Consider this — if we are conditioned to believe that the clothes make the man, then by a woman wearing a man’s clothes, she is thus made into a man, not born into a man, but made — by society. And thus my question is — is it better to be conditioned into identifying yourself by your biological gender or the opposite gender? Which one is more difficult? Continue reading a tomboy