insecure in love

Have you ever asked your mother, father, sister, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend: ‘Why do you love me?’

Were you satisfied with the answer?

If he/she gave you the best Grammy award winning speech of an answer and you still didn’t believe you were loved then you are absolutely, ridiculously, unmistakably human.

And yes, being human is a frustrating thing. Our ability to feel loved is not just influenced by the people in our lives now, but by every person and situation that managed to touch our hearts and our souls from day one.

That is why they say: ‘We accept the love we think we deserve.’

But this is a sad, sad reality. Because as wretched, incapable human beings, we deserve little love. As humans that hurt, lie, steal and abuse, we deserve little love. But somehow, people keep coming into our lives and telling us how much they love us. And every time we are just forced to ask: ‘But why? Why do you love me?’

This short film written and directed by me and filmed and edited by Gael Level in Paris, France captures this phenomenon. Make sure to write in the comments how this made you feel.

6 thoughts on “insecure in love

  1. this is so poignant even in a short film…despite all the inner beauty about him that she sees and loves, and to see that he has that sad, troubled made me feel sad too cos so many people out there experience that, and for me if you don’t truly love yourself, it’s impossible to love another person, it’s a very realistic film and emotionally riveting especially in its brief form in which it is presented. Great work!

    1. Thank you Candice. You are so very right. Most, if not all people struggle with this. And it is heartbreaking. Because she really loves him, but if he cannot see it then he cannot fully experience her love for him. What is wonderful about it though is that people can love us even in our most doubtful state :)

      1. Sometimes words are not enough, you are portraying here only the side of the woman, making the man a heartless being.
        Lets not forget that usually a woman is more emotional than a man. Unless that’s exactly what your intention was in this video. Sometimes the simplest answer with a action will ease the doubt in a man heart.

        1. Yes true it is in actions also. What I wanted to portray is one really beautiful, confident partner and one that was very insecure. The world never expects two people of different levels of outward beauty to be together but it is possible because inner beauty, which is what she is talking about the whole time, can very much outshine the outer beauty, to a point in which scars or deformities do not matter. I think that is the high point of pure love, and not many of us can reach that point. When someone is that insecure, no other person can change their perspective or make them love themselves. Not even the most beautiful romantic partner… this is not about male and female. Actually if it was the female being emotional it would have been phenomenally cliche :):):)

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