A young black male in the ghettos of Trinidad is offered a gun and a chance to have everything he wants…

He takes it and uses it, killing someone from another gang, or maybe someone innocent. He has passes the initiation, because now the gang leaders know that he is willing to kill anyone and do anything for gain. So they sign him into the trade, the great big trade, the one that is global and reaches far beyond the borders of Trinidad. It is a trade that started outside of Trinidad, outside of the ghettos, in large houses with pools and air-condition, in developed countries. This young black boy is signed into the ranks of the drug trade, a trade that is mixed in with the sex trade and large-scale money laundering and more. This young black boy is not alone, there are many other young black boys who do the same thing, kill to get in and then continue killing. And because they are so willing to kill, so easily, anyone, the murder rate rises and the country becomes unstable. People become under threat of violence. They can’t walk the streets at night, they can’t trust young black men. Police are there to enforce laws, but the police are offered money far beyond what they are paid and they can’t refuse. Even a police officer who enters the force with all the right intentions turns corrupt because how could he take down the most dangerous criminals? Why would he give up his life for this when instead he could have a better life, with the extra money he makes? So then police cannot be trusted and the young black men work with the police to perpetuate the gang system, to make murders like church bells, daily, hourly, normal, ignored. More gang members rise up, because crime is unstoppable, because the police won’t stop them. And more young black men are killed. And more murders of young black men who never got into secondary school are ignored. More young black men disappear, and their doppelgangers replace them. Meanwhile the drugs keep moving, they never stop, they are just rerouted if necessary. Some cocaine gets seized and is never inhaled, or inhaled by the very people who seized it. And the ones who it was seized from, they pay the debt of the seizure with their lives. But the drugs keep moving. They keep moving by the invisible hands of people in developed countries with pools and yachts. They keep moving from country to country, no country in the world being spared, no country in the world devoid of these drugs. These drugs that make the users hallucinate, feel happy, experience a boost of energy, have a heightened sensory experience of life. These drugs that, if they didn’t cause suicides, death, mental health problems, violence, rape and more, they could unite nations because they are used by so many people. They are used by so many people of all different classes, all around the world. And the young black men from ghettos are the ones to ensure that they keep moving. They offer their lives for this. While the men whose hands remain invisible, whose butts soak in their jacuzzis, don’t sacrifice anything. These men sit in their jacuzzis with naked women, maybe five at a time, and have orgies and then send those women away not remembering their names. They drive cars too big for the roads and buy up companies and stocks to make their money grow, to make their penises grow, to make their heads grow. They are the inspiration for films like Wolf of Wall Street where a man lives a hedonistic existence, with all the money in the world yet without any consequence. And with all that money he can buy humans. He can buy women, women who come from Thailand who had nothing else to live for. Those young, vulnerable women who were desperate for a break in life, something to hold on to, their next meal, hope for their children. Those young, vulnerable women get tricked and kidnapped and drugged with those drugs and paid little to open their legs up to those men with those invisible hands. And sex is had, day in and day out, without emotion, without commitment, leading to illness, leading to millions of abortions. Abortions, another form of murder, happen in the millions. Yet they are not yet human beings so who cares? Who cares? No one cares about the young, black man who would kill you if you just looked at him. No one cares about the young, vulnerable woman who stands on the corner offering herself up unapologetically. No one cares about the man in his pool with the naked women who continues to go about his business unharmed.

The young black men, the vulnerable women, the hedonistic wealth men, the corrupt police… They are all part of the vicious circle of crime, poverty, inequality and injustice. Some are victims and some are suspects. Some start off as victims and become suspects. All, in the end are victims. All are victims of the terrible, heart-wrenching pain of lack of fulfilment. The terrible pain that comes from having no access to the things other people in society have because you are looked down on, or poor, or discriminated against. The terrible pain that comes from having no other option than to sell your body to survive, to have hope at having a life. The terrible pain that comes from realising that no matter how much money you have, as your money grows the pain grows, the emptiness grows, the self-hatred grows. The terrible pain that comes from realising that the darkness around you, that you often see right in front of your eyes, is huge, mighty and widespread. All of this pain comes from lack of fulfilment. The pursuit of happiness. Happiness that cannot be found. Cannot be found in money, cannot be found in sex, cannot be found in power, cannot be found in popularity, cannot be found in respect of others. Happiness that cannot be found. A void that cannot be filled. A global problem that cannot be solved. Crime, sex-trafficking, murder, abuse, corruption, greed, war. Global problems that cannot be solved.

Except through salvation. Salvation through Jesus Christ who defeated the enemy when He resurrected after death on the cross. His LIFE is the solution. His transforming life. His life that transforms the heart of man, making us more Godly, less greedy, more fulfilled. The life of Jesus Christ is the solution. It is the only way for man’s heart to be changed. It is the only way man’s heart has ever been changed. It is the only remedy that has ever worked.

‘Put on the full armour of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the full armour of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm’ Ephesians 6:12

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