Jasvinder Sanghera
Jasvinder Sanghera, one example of an amazing woman and a reason to believe we all can be as amazing…


I must be a feminist. My previous three blogs talked about women — single women, mothers and ‘real’ women.

I am a feminist, if it means that I support the cause of showing the world just how amazing it is to be a woman and what women are capable of.

What about you?

Read on if you are willing to be challenged on your own views, prejudices and ideas about what women deserve…

In last few blogs I’ve said that single woman should work towards being the best they can be with the resources they have and not spend all their time whining about what they don’t have i.e. a man. I’ve said that mothers should stop trying to be superhuman and we should stop expecting them to be because it is impossible and they need to take time to look after themselves, develop their relationships, enjoy their hobbies and spend time with God and not constantly try to meet others’ expectations. I’ve said that a real woman is ‘joyfully and intelligently submissive’ and does all that she can to ensure that the men in her life are strong and effective leaders while also bettering herself, working on her character and pursuing her goals.

Bringing it all together, I would now like to state my belief that women have immense capacity to be so very effective no matter if they are single, mothers, married, CEOs, housewives, whatever. Women are amazing and when I hear an amazing woman speak, like Jasvinder Sanghera (in the image above), a woman who has given her all and developed herself and has seen magnificent results but is still humble, I just want to get on a mountain top and scream:

‘Yes God!!! This is how you designed women to be.’

Women are designed to be and deserve to be amazing in character, works and relationships. That is what I believe…

So I have a question for you, all of you, men and women:

Do you believe women are capable of being as effective, all-rounded, intelligent, innovative and successful as men? You probably said yes. But do you believe it. Do you REALLY believe it? I am challenging you now to dig deep and be honest with yourself.


Let it hit you in the gut. And when you are done, come back to this blog and write your answer in the comments. I look forward to the discussion we will all have. But make sure to watch the video first. And SHARE it if you think it has a message that deserves to be spread around the world…

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