a servant

august-serving-one-another‘Some time ago I was struck by something an elder in my church said. He was talking about what he believes a church family, should look like and asked whether, in seeking diversity, we would be prepared to make room for the most troubled or difficult members of society, including ā€“ among others ā€“ prostitutes and criminals.

The natural reaction of many people to this might be perturbation and disgust but I somehow felt excited. I immediately said to myself: ‘I want to bring prostitutes into the church’, and as a result of my newfound mission, I started asking God to send some prostitutes my way. I was preparing myself for the great shock of the moment when God would send one of these women into my path. I imagined I might be walking home in New Malden and she would bump into me with mascara running and a torn skirt in flight from her captors.

But that is not how God answered my prayers…’

Read more here: http://changeinlondon.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/serving-broken-guest-post-by-bianca.html

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