Harnessing the Power and Authority of Heaven


I have been reading, watching and listening to a lot content that has given me a strong conviction to pray more. I’ve seen a man call down rain from heaven to stop a raging bush fire and through prayer grow potatoes where it would otherwise be impossible to grow in the movie Faith Like Potatoes. I’ve seen a man save 74 lives on the battlefield during World War II in the movie Hackshaw Ridge because he believed in the power of God’s protection and prayed ‘help me save one more’, leaving with only four minor injuries despite being alone on the ridge with the Japanese soldiers. I’ve heard Miles Munroe preach about how important prayer is, that Jesus prayed hours on end and perhaps Jesus’movement would not have been as large and have as much impact if He didn’t commit Himself to praying that often, that much and that hard. I’ve read verses in the Bible like: ‘whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours’ (Mark 11:23) and ‘for everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will open’ (Matt 7:21).

I’ve been following Jesus voraciously for about four years now yet I have been shortchanging God, the Creator of the Universe, the entire time. I have asked myself recently — if I truly believe in the One True God who created all things and can do all things, why are my prayers so small, why is my imagination so limited in terms of what God could do, why do I settle for so little, why do I expect the people and things around me to be unmoved by Him, why do I feel so anxious about not being able to make a difference to a suffering world? I’m done letting things go on around me and not calling on the power of God to change them for the better and for His glory. I’m ready, totally on fire ready, to see God in all of His glory and might act through my prayers and petitions and fasting. Are you with me?

Jesus said, ‘Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.’

WHAT??!?!?!?!! Do we even understand what that means???????? Jesus, the Son of God, our Saviour, the most incredible man to ever walk the earth, the man who raised people from the dead, who cast out demons, who healed the sick, who turned water into wine, who made bread and fish multiply, who calmed the seas, who made a fig tree wither, who made a blind man see, this man has promised us that we can do ALL and MORE than what He did.

I don’t know about you but I want this BADLY, as in with ALL my heart. Imagine that I don’t need a PhD, or communication skills, or leadership skills, or know how, or intelligence, or connections, or money in order to see massive, colossal change happen around me because I have the power of God in my prayer.

I’m opening my mind, arms, heart, soul, spirit, body to this and saying, yes Jesus I believe in you and I am ready to see miracles happen and to see you move. Are you with me?

I’ve already started praying for some big things that might otherwise seem impossible to achieve and I’m just excited to see them come to fruition and to share the testimony for the glory of God! But here and now I want to delve into public prayer about something that has been on my heart and my husbands heart for a long time. We want to pray for healing for our nation Trinidad and Tobago. Previously it made us anxious as we wanted to help but we are far away, we are too scared and the problem seemed too big. But now we refuse to believe that there is nothing we can do. Now we are calling on God to change things, in big ways, urgently.

Below I will write my first official public prayer to jump start an ongoing prayer rally for changes in T&T. Join us on the Facebook page Fires of Hope and Prayer (inspired by the line in our national anthem) so that you can pray along with us. We believe that God will rally believers across Trinidad and Tobago and the globe to pray together, unceasingly, for our nation. Here goes…

In the name of the Lord Jesus, remove the barriers between different parts of Trinidad and Tobago. Give people a reason to reach out to their neighbour, to form relationships with the gardener, the mailman, the garbage truck driver. Put it in the hearts of Trinidadian people to know and understand the experiences of all of their fellow men. Mobilise many people to go into areas that are considered ‘rough’ and ‘dangerous’ to connect with the people there, to understand the problems they face, to find ways to support them. Take the right people safely into these neighbourhoods to speak to the families, to the mothers, to the fathers, to the shop owners, to have long, meaningful conversations, to agree on ways of support, to build bridges between the rich and poor, bridges that will allow resources to be shared more freely. Put it in the hearts of wealthy Trinbagonians to give away some of their wealth, to share their abundance, to support struggling schools, to house the homeless, to build up churches in poorer parts of Trinidad and Tobago, to help people start businesses, to fund adult training in useful skills, to improve the sewage systems and the water systems, to improve hygiene and nutrition. Lord Jesus mobilise and ignite the passion within people of Trinbago to teach good values, to put up posters, to campaign, to guide and lead people in their community and beyond in respecting each other, in respecting women, in contributing positively to society. Lord may these pioneers of Godly values help disciple many many many people of all ages in living selfless lives, in putting their neighbour first, in aiming to be the best they could be, in feeling like an important part of Trinbago society. Lord spark a revolution across Trinbago where people in all areas start to look out for their neighbour, to offer food, emotional and financial support, shelter and comfort, encouragement and friendship to those around them. As a result of this revolution, this change in the hearts of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, may the society be more unified than it has ever been. May there be a real closeness and pride in our nation and in our connection to each other and our shared passions for food, music, sun, dancing, family and success. May an outpouring of love for the blessings our nation has been given, the riches of our nation, be heard across social media, as people begin to feel more loved and appreciated by their neighbours, by their government and as they begin to see how You, Jesus, are at work in their lives. Praise you Lord Jesus that we will begin to see a growing enthusiasm of the masses of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago near and far in engaging in the lives of people outside of their circles, in communities they have never entered or explored. Let there be cross-community exploration and engagement. Let the poor dine with the rich. Let the desperate dance with those with abundance. Let the downtrodden hold hands with those who can share the joy they have found. Let the dysfunctional families build bridges with and be inspired and supported by the families that are thriving. Let the uneducated share lively conversations with the educated. Let the victims of abuse be comforted in the arms of those who have all the means of staying out of harms way. Let the hurt find love and restoration in the arms of those who are well.

Lord Jesus, this is our prayer for Trinidad and Tobago. We ask that you give us your power and authority so that our prayers are answered in mind-blowing ways, in ways that will open eyes to your might and goodness, in ways that will bring glory to you, in ways that will unite thousands of people in prayer, in ways that will bring hope to millions of people who are scared, depressed, sad, worried, anxious and oppressed by the situation in Trinidad and Tobago. In your name Lord Jesus and by Your Blood, let these things be done. To God by the Glory always. Amen.

One thought on “powerful

  1. Powerful, powerful words! If only people were not so afraid! Unfortunately we are ruled by fear.
    May Jesus help us to look past the fear so that we may not be paralysed at a time when our Nation really needs us.

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