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How Gender Prediction Worked For Me

I am pregnant for the second time and both times I really wanted to know the sex. Actually both times I had an incredibly strong sense of what the sex was form day one (conception) and just wanted the confirmation asap. I enjoy coming up with names early and imagining what they would be like and starting the bonding process. It’s just difficult for me, with my writer’s imagination, not to know the gender. From day one the story of my child starts and I enjoy the process of getting familiar with that story as soon as I can. It’s just how I like things. [What about you? Tell me your reason for finding out or not finding out in the comments]

Baby shoes
Baby shoes for a boy and a girl

You can imagine, knowing this about me, that I read EVERYTHING about how to predict the gender of my unborn child and I truly enjoy the gender matching game. I love reading other people’s posts about it although the sum of it all is usually: ‘you can’t predict it, it’s 50/50 right or wrong, it’s just chance’. Well, read this blog to see what my experience is and to find out what my verdict is on that. Here are some of the things I noticed in both of my pregnancies and what the gender turned out to be.

Pregnancy One

Gender I believed the baby was: boy
Why? Because I always wanted a boy first and my husband and I had been talking about our first son (by name) for a year before that, elatedly imagining how he would fit into our lives seamlessly. When I found out I was pregnant (it was unplanned), I just believed our son hear us talking about him and assumed we were ready for him to enter the picture. No joke.

Characteristics of my pregnancy that seemed to confirm the gender:

I craved MEAT! My husband and I went to 11 BBQs that summer because I wanted to eat every chicken alive and dead. I wanted protein! One popular myth is that when you’re pregnant with boys you crave protein because they need more. They are already gearing up in the womb to be gym buffs!

I was feeling very frisky and romantic! This was such an excellent aspect of my first pregnancy which many say happens when you have boys. Go figure!!!! That testosterone is already at work in the womb. Ha.

My nausea wasn’t very bad: The unplanned aspect of the pregnancy was very stressful and I had a bit of bleeding but my nausea did not have a great impact on my and I managed to do a lot of things in my first trimester. I was super busy and productive. The Old Wives say this happens when you are having a boy.

The Chinese gender predictor said I was having a boy: Check it out, it’s pretty fun to use!

OMG I felt so VITAL in my second trimester: I never felt more energetic, more attractive, more healthy or my youthful than in my second trimester. My hair was lush, the rest of my body besides my bump got really slender, my skin was glowing and I just wanted to walk a daily catwalk. You guessed it, ‘they’ say this happens when you are having a boy.


None other than a sweet, active, tumbling baby BOY.

Ok, ok, ok, you say, there’s a 50/50 chance and you got it right once. That’s not empirical evidence! Well, ha, I got pregnant again, so let’s see how experiment number two went…

Pregnancy Two

Gender I believed the baby was: girl
Why? Because my husband really really really wanted a girl and I just wanted a house full of boys but I love my husband so much my heart really wanted him to have his heart’s desire and I’m just a romantic like that. I put a request in to God for a girl, resigned myself to raising one even though I thought it was tremendously daunting and opened up my heart to the princess to come. It HAD to be a girl. So silly. #noshamethough

Characteristics of my pregnancy that seemed to confirm the gender:

I felt SO terrible for at least four weeks in my first trimester: Around week six when nausea is supposed to kick in, it definitely kicked me in the butt. I am not a vomitter aka that is not how I react when I am nauseous, but I still felt queasy ALL DAY LONG. Thankfully it was during the Christmas holidays and when I relaxed a bit from many of my duties (no cooking got done by me during that time and the toddler had to find fun in the pots and pans instead of the parks and playgroups) and I had help from family and friends so I survived it. But my poor husband! I was a bit useless during that time as all I thought was… when will this be over. You know what the Old Wives say: your morning (or all day) sickness is worse when you are having a girl.

I feel SO moody and emotional: I was never a mean girl when I was a teenager but my golly I was a b-word (that is really the only way I could describe it) in my first trimester especially. Again… my poor husband. I was mean to everyone, talked back to people, felt heartaches often, told a rude lady ‘thank you for being so helpful, not’ while I moved my head left and right and rolled my eyes (whaatttt??). And I just complained about everything. I didn’t like myself in the first trimester. I am currently in my second trimester and I have had more high-stakes, high-emotion conversations in these last few months than I have ever had. You guessed it, the wondering gender myths say that you are moooooooooodier when you’re having a girl.

I feel icky: Basically the opposite of frisky. Again… my poor husband!!! ‘They’ say this is common when you’re having a girl.

My bump is really (strangely) high very early on: ‘Girl,’ the internet says, ‘it must be a girl!’

The Chinese gender predictor said I was having a girl: If you haven’t yet, check it out, it’s really really fun to use!

My hair game is a solid average: WAHHHHHH! Where are my Tresemme locks this time around? Apparently girls cause your hair to thin not shine like boys do. That vitality I talked about in pregnancy one, it’s overridden by the emotions I feel in pregnancy too. Let’s just say I feel more my age. Typical girl-baby thang.

We ‘scattered the seed’ before my ovulation date: My ovulation app told me exactly when to do the do in order to have a girl or boy. Because we really wanted to conceive and hadn’t for four months, we decided to give ourselves the best chance possible and do the do on every day in the fertility window but then burnt out before ovulation day. Well the app said if you do the do on ovulation day you have a boy because boy sperm swims fast and can get there same-day like express mail ha. Girl sperm swims slow so if you do the do before ovulation day you’re more likely to get a girl. Well, well, well…


Well… I’ll let you listen to our pseudo rap below to find out ‘What Mum’s Got’ this time ;)


What Mum’s Got Gender Reveal Parody of Man’s Not Hot (YouTube Video)

If you watch the video and find out the gender you will know if I’m convinced or not of a mother’s ability to ‘just know’ and if I found those ‘myths’ more true than not.

[What’s your experience? Did the signs align for you? Were you able to predict correctly? Tell me what you think in the comments.]

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