‘The truth is, I struggled a lot the week after writing that! I struggled with the idea that my body wasn’t working the way it was meant to and with the fact that I couldn’t plan ahead and was frustrated every day I woke up with the same massive pregnant belly! I grappled with God the way Jonah did in the Bible and I complained a bit too much, sulking from 7-10am every morning. But truly, truly, truly, if I KNEW what God had in store for me I would NOT have sulked for a minute. Finally at 41 weeks, I heard God speak to me at church. He said: ‘Bianca, I’m going to take you to the very end of yourself and stretch your faith as far as it can go but I am going to bless you incredibly at the end of it…’ Continue reading mindblown



‘As I write this I am two days over my due date. I am pregnant and awaiting my child’s birth but there is no sure sign that she will come today, tomorrow or the next day. It is intensely frustrating. I can’t bring on my labour. I can’t plan my days in advance because labour can come on at any moment. I can’t decide if I can go to a wedding next week because I don’t know if I will be recovered by then, or if the baby will be born by then. It feels like limbo. It is not a painful limbo but it is yet another time where I can choose between grumbling my way through this inconvenient waiting period or praise God for every new day and enjoy His life in me and the pleasures of rest, family time and a few more days without a newborn constantly attached to me. There are so many reasons to chill out and be grateful but it is just SO HARD to do that…’ Continue reading overdue