destined for a purpose

A mother only has two hands and one heart yet Jesus says ‘that’s enough’. He says, ‘Do you love me?’ and you say, ‘yes, with all of my little bitty heart’. And He knows it will never compare to His love. But He says, ‘that’s enough’. Then He says ‘feed my sheep’. Because He knows, mothers, that you aren’t just able to feed your little lambs at home, but He has equipped you to feed sheep far beyond your pastures as well, to help heal many people, to bring many into His love, to shine a light that is so strong it defies physics and shatters glass — glass roofs, glass doors, fancy office buildings and apartments, shanty towns, slums, ghettoes. 

He says, ‘Do you love me?’ Do you? Do you love Him? Because if you truly do He has such a purpose for your life dear mother. When you think you only have two hands He will allow you to do the work of 20 hands. When you think that you can’t do much held captive by a baby sleeping on you, He’s calling you to pray heavy bold prayers that will break down people’s walls, heal people, heal lands. When you think that your life is so consumed by your family and you can’t possibly have a purpose outside that, He’s working powerfully by the mere example of your life and how you mother and how you love people. When you think your ‘baby brain’ might never allow you to think creatively or innovate again, He’s planting ideas in that busy mind of yours, ready to put them into motion through your passion and His authority, as soon as you allow yourself to sit quietly and hear His voice, and be in His presence. 

Jesus asks again, ‘Do you love me?’ And because you do love Him, He releases you into your purpose, using every bit of experience you have as a mother, learning to love others unconditionally with every ounce of compassion. 

Mother, oh what a great purpose Jesus has for you. As you feed your children today and dress them, know that Jesus is dressing you and feeding you every single day through ever little and big task, preparing you for His Kingdom work. 

Get excited mother, for God has PLANS for you :) 

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