About ‘On being…’

We entered this world with no instruction manual, we were simply told ‘to be’. It’s like starting a job and only being told your title, not what you were expected to do. We are all trying to figure out just how we are meant ‘to be’. Some read self-help books, some follow examples they see on TV, others delve into education, work and hobbies thinking that they are defined by their talents, many define themselves through their romantic relationships, and a few, like me, spend their lives seeking God and asking Him just what He thinks it means ‘to be’.

This blog explores the meaning of ‘to be’, not in an affirmative way but with the aim of enticing discussion, learning from one another’s experiences and sharing the burden and splendour ‘of being’ with others.

Welcome! Don’t be afraid to get comfy.

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Bianca Alice Walker


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