joyful in suffering

‘God has granted us suffering aka suffering is a GIFT! Pain is a gift. Hardship is a gift. Why are we so wired to believe the opposite? Why are we wired to want things to be easy? Why, even when we turn to God, we just want Him to grant us all of our wishes and make our lives perfect? Why are we pursuing perfection and happiness if suffering and faith are more precious gifts? Why is suffering not on any of our gift registries? I think we’ve got it wrong all along, at least I have. I know now that’s why I have felt dissatisfied and empty even in the moments where I felt like I had a lot of what I wanted and was doing what I wanted, and wasn’t having to struggle for it. ..’ Continue reading joyful in suffering



10 Reasons Why Black Panther is Actually Revolutionary

I originally tried to stay away from commenting but was provoked (kindly) to say something, so I’ve done my very best to try to find the words after days of being, for the first time in my life, literally speechless. When I say something, it’s never short. I hope I can find the right words so that you can read to the end:

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I remember it like it was yesterday although every time I think about it it is like watching someone else’s life, the main character I don’t recognise as myself. But she was me. That girl smoking the hardest weed with Rastas after a football match. That girl drunk for three weeks straight, hungover in church, avoiding my family. That was me, that girl who fell into the arms of any sweet-looking man who could make me feel loved. That girl who literally didn’t believe there was a single person on the earth who loved me. That girl who seemed like she was dancing like no one was watching but truly I was trying to shake off the leeching pain that was sucking me dry. That girl who was the life of the party because she was high, drunk and ‘free spirited’ yet who felt void of any life. That was me. Key word. Was. She was and never is to be again.  Continue reading “new”


‘If God rewarded us based on the world’s criteria then yes, giving us unequal amounts of abilities would be horrifically and brutally unfair. Thankfully, this is so far from the truth. I would certainly not choose to follow him if that was the case. 

The truth is, God rewards us based on how much we put our trust and faith in him and how much we show gratitude for what he has given us. You see, the parable is not meant to make you compare your talents and gifts to others, it is meant to make you see the real purpose of one, two or five talents. It is meant to make you see that God doesn’t care about how much you have, he cares about how grateful you are for what you have…’ Continue reading excellent