a real woman

I planned to write about how difficult it is to be a woman, regarding hair, make-up, skin, fashion, speech, dates — the whole nine yards. I started doing this in my first blog. But despite my promise to write more, I never did. Because another agenda took over… Continue reading a real woman



After sucking at any diet that involved deprivation and sticking to strict rules, which usually led to me binging after a week, I have come up with a diet of the mind — because at the end of the day it is ‘mind over matter’ and self control, although it has a bad name and is usually paired with ‘oppression’, is one helluva important trait to have if you want to be good at life — at all. Continue reading gorgeous

a consumer

I am always telling people that certain snacks are ‘trending’ and they always look at me like I’m a freak. Surely, they probably think, people — referring covertly to themselves — aren’t stupid enough to be so influenced on what they put in their mouths. And if you are one of those people who is shocked by my theory on trending foods, because you genuinely aren’t enticed and brainwashed by the savoury thing of the moment packaged in plastic, seemingly covered in hungrymones, then I salute you (I would reward you with a bag of macadamia nut cookies but that’s a persisting trend so you wouldn’t like it). Continue reading a consumer