…an educated woman

I watch it because I want to SEE progress, not just hear about it. As a woman I am inspired MOST by other women (not men). How inspired I am is not at all based on their outward appearance. For instance, Baroness Scotland, who is by no means beautiful in the conventional sense, is one HECK of an amazing woman and I would choose her as my Miss Universe! Actually, I am never inspired by unsubstantiated outward beauty. It is like a gorgeous ring box with no ring inside. What use do I have of that? Continue reading …an educated woman


…hungry all the time

That year, 2007, was the last time I was ever slim. I went onto university to play varsity, division one football (soccer) and gained 30 pounds in one term (freshman 15 for two people). I came back to a friend asking if ‘every time I opened my book to study did food come out’. And men no longer looked at me as a model but as ‘powerful’. They started asking me not to kick them because I ‘might kill them’. Not only did I give up my chance to be an international model in 2007, but I would never have that chance again because, quite frankly, I enjoy food way too much. Continue reading …hungry all the time