Priyanka didi

Having lived in five different countries outside of my birthplace Trinidad — USA, England, Italy, France and India — for a period of time ranging from one month to five years, I have amassed a large extended family of sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, mothers and fathers. But nowhere has the expansion of my extended family happened so rapidly as it has in India. In India I am Priyanka didi. Priyanka because it is the ‘Indian version’ of my name and didi because it is what all Indians call women or girls near to their age. It means sister… Continue reading Priyanka didi


…a mother

I am graciously extending Mother’s Day to Mother’s Week, not because I couldn’t find the time on the day to call my mother, but because I want to challenge all mothers out there, including my own, to do something that will be very rewarding, for the entire week… Continue reading …a mother

a tomboy

Consider this — if we are conditioned to believe that the clothes make the man, then by a woman wearing a man’s clothes, she is thus made into a man, not born into a man, but made — by society. And thus my question is — is it better to be conditioned into identifying yourself by your biological gender or the opposite gender? Which one is more difficult? Continue reading a tomboy

part of a family

This blog was written from the heart, to recognise the importance of a healthy and wholesome family life where the parents are involved in their children’s lives and where the children are not just siblings but friends. It is to encourage people to strive to keep their families together, to put love for the other over love for themselves. Because with family love is never scarce. Continue reading part of a family