Harnessing the Power and Authority of Heaven


I have been reading, watching and listening to a lot content that has given me a strong conviction to pray more. I’ve seen a man call down rain from heaven to stop a raging bush fire and through prayer grow potatoes where it would otherwise be impossible to grow in the movie Faith Like Potatoes. I’ve seen a man save 74 lives on the battlefield during World War II in the movie Hackshaw Ridge because he believed in the power of God’s protection and prayed ‘help me save one more’, leaving with only four minor injuries despite being alone on the ridge with the Japanese soldiers. Continue reading “powerful”


made for a purpose

The last six weeks in India were the most fantastic six weeks of my life. But not for the reasons you may imagine. A volunteer from one of the organisations I was working with turned to me in my last week and asked if I had any recommendations for things she should do while she was in India. Continue reading “made for a purpose”