God’s Reward Equation is Nothing Like The World’s

Once a lady came up to me for prayer at church and told me she didn’t believe she had any talents and felt like her life was purposeless. At the time, the focus of my prayer was on her discovering her talents and gifts and stepping into her purpose regarding those. In contrast, I have recently felt that I am good at many things but not excellent at anything. I have been just as desperate as she was in desiring to be purposeful in my talents and gifts, equally in despair because I felt like I had so many tools yet have produced so little with them. Continue reading “excellent”



‘You told me the morning of the incident that you are lucky to have me, but really I am lucky to have you. Knowing that you will be ok makes me extremely happy, and I have gauged my happiness to be beyond words, because of that moment of sorrow where I thought I lost you forever.’ Continue reading reminded