Unity in Marriage: The Invisible Stitch

I’ve been married a little over a year now but it I’m left to wonder after that time how I ever walked around without half of myself. When I look back I think of myself as limping, eager to run but always held back by some great limitation. I was like an unbalanced scale, measuring one heavy thing, the weight of my passions and desires, against air, against nothing. Continue reading “one”


‘The reason I am standing here today, married to Henry, is because Jesus has begun to answer that prayer. He has taken my heart, that heart which at one point honestly believed there wasn’t a single person in the world who truly loved me, that heart that never let a man, or any friend come too near to it, that heart that was so afraid to give that I couldn’t be taken. He took it, he held it in His hands as I gave Him my life and he raised it up with HIm as I rose with him into a new life…’ Continue reading transformed