Months later, as in now, I feel the opposite. I feel tremendously joyful to the point where I get up feeling so excited but don’t necessarily know what about. How did the change happen? Here are TEN STEPS TO COMPLETE AND PHENOMENAL JOYFULNESS… Continue reading joyful

a real woman

I planned to write about how difficult it is to be a woman, regarding hair, make-up, skin, fashion, speech, dates — the whole nine yards. I started doing this in my first blog. But despite my promise to write more, I never did. Because another agenda took over… Continue reading a real woman

a parsnip

Many a time you will be reminded that you are bigger than average, your thighs are ‘powerful’, your butt is huge. Your extra bit of fat will be pinched, either by tactless fingers or the poorly-made jeans that never cater for your shape. You will be teased or scorned or never even given a chance or glance by the ‘fit’ guys or girls, by the ones who eat only triangular parsnips. Continue reading a parsnip