‘Today I was reminded of my humanity and of the importance of allowing myself to be weak. Weakness is a part of being human, a huge part. If it is ignored or hidden or brushed over or despised, we deny our humanity, making it harder to be human, harder to thrive, harder to cope. Acknowledging, embracing, being open about and developing mechanisms to deal with and address our weakness is a crucial part of being balanced, whole and well…’ Continue reading human


a girl or boy

‘You can imagine, knowing this about me, that I read EVERYTHING about how to predict the gender of my unborn child and I truly enjoy the gender matching game. I love reading other people’s posts about it although the sum of it all is usually: ‘you can’t predict it, it’s 50/50 right or wrong, it’s just chance’. Well, read this blog to see what my experience is and to find out what my verdict is on that. Here are some of the things I noticed in both of my pregnancies and what the gender turned out to be…’ Continue reading a girl or boy

joyful in suffering

‘God has granted us suffering aka suffering is a GIFT! Pain is a gift. Hardship is a gift. Why are we so wired to believe the opposite? Why are we wired to want things to be easy? Why, even when we turn to God, we just want Him to grant us all of our wishes and make our lives perfect? Why are we pursuing perfection and happiness if suffering and faith are more precious gifts? Why is suffering not on any of our gift registries? I think we’ve got it wrong all along, at least I have. I know now that’s why I have felt dissatisfied and empty even in the moments where I felt like I had a lot of what I wanted and was doing what I wanted, and wasn’t having to struggle for it. ..’ Continue reading joyful in suffering


10 Reasons Why Black Panther is Actually Revolutionary

I originally tried to stay away from commenting but was provoked (kindly) to say something, so I’ve done my very best to try to find the words after days of being, for the first time in my life, literally speechless. When I say something, it’s never short. I hope I can find the right words so that you can read to the end:

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