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a temple

‘When you look at the physical temple in the Old Testament you see that God was present there and His presence was so phenomenal and powerful that only certain people could enter. Yet in the New Testament, because of what Jesus did on the cross, it is said that we are the temples of God!

Like don’t just read that and move on. Soak it in! We are the temples of God. He lives in us. His awesome presence that could only be experienced by a few in the past now lives in us and through us…’

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‘Having grown up in a neighbouring country, I couldn’t go another day without understand what is keeping Venezuela in this living state hell. What I discovered, the conclusion that I came to, is that you don’t have to look very far to see where the greatest problem lies…’ Continue reading stuck

destined for a purpose

‘A mother only has two hands and one heart yet Jesus says ‘that’s enough’. He says, ‘Do you love me?’ and you say, yes, with all of my little bitty heart. And He knows it will never compare to His love. But He says, ‘that’s enough’. Then He says ‘feed my sheep’. Because He knows, mothers, that you aren’t just able to feed your little lambs at home, but He has equipped you to feed sheep far beyond your pastures as well, to help heal many people, to bring many into His love, to shine a light that is so strong it defies physics and shatters glass — glass roofs, glass doors, fancy office buildings and apartments, shanty towns, slums, ghettoes…’ Continue reading destined for a purpose

a frustrated child

Loving People Through Their Expressions of Hurt

No matter how great our parents were, we will always carry around the hurts we experienced in our childhood. I’ve realised this from my own internal battles, feeling a compellingly vast amount of unidentifiable emotions that I could only imagine were there for a long time, brewing. It’s crazy how much our childhood experiences can scar us, forming schemas in our mind about how the world works and subsequent defence mechanisms that ultimately keep us in a prison of preparedness for the next hurt.

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