I remember looking down at that long plastic wand and seeing the undeniably flat, pink line, and then again looking at another one that read, even more unmistakably, ‘1-2 weeks’. I was pregnant. I was about to get something I looked forward to having since I was eight years old and understood that I could have my own babies. Back then I just wanted another baby that looked like me and I loved my family so I wanted one of my own. But finally being the reality, it didn’t feel as magical as I imagined it. Exasperated by the fact that it was not planned, it just felt scary. Continue reading “pregnant”



‘The reason I am standing here today, married to Henry, is because Jesus has begun to answer that prayer. He has taken my heart, that heart which at one point honestly believed there wasn’t a single person in the world who truly loved me, that heart that never let a man, or any friend come too near to it, that heart that was so afraid to give that I couldn’t be taken. He took it, he held it in His hands as I gave Him my life and he raised it up with HIm as I rose with him into a new life…’ Continue reading transformed