Months later, as in now, I feel the opposite. I feel tremendously joyful to the point where I get up feeling so excited but don’t necessarily know what about. How did the change happen? Here are TEN STEPS TO COMPLETE AND PHENOMENAL JOYFULNESS… Continue reading joyful


‘You told me the morning of the incident that you are lucky to have me, but really I am lucky to have you. Knowing that you will be ok makes me extremely happy, and I have gauged my happiness to be beyond words, because of that moment of sorrow where I thought I lost you forever.’ Continue reading reminded


I have had an existential crisis that was rather significant. You could probably tell from my blogging. I wonder: how does God desire us to live our lives? How do we know we are living the lives we are meant to? Am I where I am today because of my effort or because of my lack of effort? Will I ever be able to be in love and allow myself to be happy and relaxed? Will I ever be less – weird? Continue reading …insightful